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5 definitions by p smurf

sexual activity,
hey, you get any action last night?
av p smurf 23. april 2004
329 87
saying that your up for it, that your willing to do it/want to do it
person1 "hey, lets go cow tipping"
person2 "sure, i'm game"
av p smurf 22. april 2004
234 48
An acronym for the 'Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips'.
d-p-g-c my nigga turn that shit up
av p smurf 19. april 2004
163 20
the person that has to ride in the trunk. either because there are no seats left or as a punishment for somthing they did.
Jim, your riding trunky monkey home
av p smurf 23. april 2004
2 4
someone who is good with the opposite sex, normally a male
your such a mack, the girls just run to you
av p smurf 23. april 2004
8 11