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For not giving up on me, for loving me unconditionally - the good and the bad, for finding me attractive and calling me beautiful even when I didn't think so at times, for laughing with me, for appreciating the little things that we experience together, for listening, for growing with me, for coming back to me new and improved, for wanting me all the time, for making me feel like a woman who deserves the best and for giving it to me, for letting me love you with all that I have, for reminding me that I am like no other, for looking at me the way you do, for being open to love, for supporting me, for wanting the best for me, for giving me the world, for following me anywhere and for standing by my side as I achieve my dreams.

It has been said that if you want to be happily paired with someone, make sure you are good friends first- it's the only way to make it through the hard times. The honeymoon phase only lasts so long, so make sure you find someone who loves you for you!
I'm thankful that you chose me for forever
av morphologicalfreedom 5. oktober 2013
to let go and enjoy the ride

when one puts the best that they've got out and reaps the rewards

to jump out of a perfectly good airplane
The letter came in the mail and changed her life forever. She's definitely free fallin now
av morphologicalfreedom 27. september 2013
A result of being in the happiest of states; everything is going right in life; you are open to love because you deserve it; you are strong and independent at this time.

Usually refers to an overall feeling of warmth about everyone and everything around you.

A person may or may not come into your world while you are in love with life:

- If the wrong person comes into your life while you are wide open, this can be distracting and limiting to growth. It can confuse you and take you off course. It can make you feel "wobbly", unsteady and unsure of yourself. It may make you question why that person was placed there at that particular moment, when you were so happy. What lesson was to be obtained? Why was that person brought into your life just to bring you down?

- If the right person enters into your life while you are in this state of being, then you experience that wonderful feeling that many have felt called being "in love". It enhances you as a person, builds you up, makes you feel invincible and beautiful all at the same time. It makes you feel sure of yourself but not in an over-inflated sense. This is because the two are greater than one. Two whole people working to bring out the best in each other elicits awe, admiration and respect.

It describes the confidence felt, knowing that things are right.
The state of fallen in love can only be considered "real" when both people are whole, open and willing to take that leap of faith regardless of the obstacles in front of them.
av morphologicalfreedom 27. september 2013
To be alive

Constant learning or progression forward

Contrary to most religious or political stagnation

To move in a direction closer to finding the true self or form

To break free from pain and indifference

To soar
If one is not constantly evolving, one is most certainly flailing
av Morphologicalfreedom 27. september 2013
Catch-all phrase for looking forward to the future.

It encompasses all the choices a person makes: love, career, day-to-day actions, anything that you collect to add to the fabric of who you are and the things that you discard.
When you look for happiness and make decisions to ensure that you find it.
Moving through this life that is often like a desert on a long journey; looking out the window; seeing through the film of images in my mind and in front of me...until I find it...that which makes me happiest.
av morphologicalfreedom 17. oktober 2013
getting back to the good

getting back those happy thoughts & feelings

starting over
I'm going back to the start
av morphologicalfreedom 28. september 2013
A term used to state that ones life consists of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the mistakes and triumphs.

Ones life is measured by all of the things contained in it and for the entirety of ones existence.

When you face the end and look back on what you have done, who you let in, how you treated others and what impact you have made, however small... Will you die in peace?
She looked back and was grateful that she loved him as much as he would let her. Ones life is "measured by breaths we take, not the moments that take our breath away".
av morphologicalfreedom 5. oktober 2013
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