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47 definitions by jessie

Also known as the pereneum, taint, and a personal favorite SBAAB, the grundle is the space between the ass and balls...also the place ladies that you definitely want to aim for.
"Watch out or I'll tickle your grundle."

"Oh anything but the grundle!"
av Jessie 18. oktober 2003
26 27
A person who thinks it's cool to fuck everyone else.
Trista Smith is a hore.
av jessie 27. juni 2004
162 164
a pot head that gracie thinks is hot, and that he loos like kurt cobain

Lumpy twitch man is a leo who enjoys long bubble baths, shaving his legs, makign snow angles in the nude, and playing with is shoulder length blonde hair

*he used to be a boyscout*

he likes to tell girls things that would make them happy

he also has bamboo(n) boxers
"i wish you were sitting in my lap right now"
av Jessie 23. januar 2004
2 4
Dave thinks i am a one, because i smell like vegetables, but i hold that HE is one because of his distinct odor.

Also known as stinkerpoo
Dave: Oh man! Whats that carrot and spinach smell? Must be a STINKYPOO!

Me: You're the stinkerpoo, stinker!
av Jessie 27. april 2004
1 4
its da shit on ur shoes.
da redbrick crew are mongs and da fuckers on the edward tyler are knobs.
av Jessie 13. april 2004
2 5
Located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Known for it's ghettoness, true to their home students, and drag racing on Norbeck Rd (RT 28). Ten minute drive from UMD and a Starbucks in every shopping center, plus girls who know how to work it.
Guy #1: Let's go pick up girls at the Starbucks in Rockville
Guy #2: Hell yea, those girls really know how to work it!
av Jessie 23. november 2003
44 47
basically, the three men in gracies tub are lumpy, dave nevarro, and dave grohl
"thats one steamy shower!"
av Jessie 24. januar 2004
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