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Milton is a suburb under boston, and its the least Suburban Suburb i have ever seen in my life. The West Side is almost all black and the East Side is all Irish.

The girls in Milton are fine. They are all slutty and classy but not snobby.

Alot of people think Milton is Rich and snobby but thats only certain areas, and you won't hear of thos kids because they go to private schools cuz they are pussies.

Southie and milton have a great relationship, i dont know why but they do. There's alot of dating and friendship among them.

The Quincy kids don't really like Milton. But everyone hates Quincy anyways so no one really cares. haha
east milton Square
the high school
the crater
Andrews Park
the Milton Food Mart
Kelly Field
drink all day
party all night
Fuck every boy in sight

sluts&Assholes from Milton know what a good time is!
av irishmoflow 9. november 2011
Known as AP.
AP is loaded with druggies on weekends, it's a party! You will find kids from Milton and Quincy here. The front entrance near the basket ball hoops is the Milton Entrance. The back takes you into Quincy. Alot of people hookup on the field and in the woods. Going to Ap with a crew is always fun.
boy1: Yooooo bro lets go to Andrews Park!
boy2: lets do it. Letss Gettt HIIIIIGGGHHH!
av irishmoflow 9. november 2011
A south shore town thats Way south of boston.
Kids in norwell think they are a big Druggie town but BULLSHIT. Just because you have two kids in your grade that smoke pot does not make you a druggie town!
No one calls norwell "the Well", cuz thats just Gay.
No one in Norwell is anywhere close to Ghetto, so get over yourselves.
No on in Norwell is Nothing but a bunch of White kids.

Until you have expierienced Southie, brockton, Matthaphan, Dorchester , Jamacia plain, Milton or East Boston, you have N0 RIGHT to say you are a "druggie town"
^NORWELL?^ no..
come to the City & see what Ghetto, drugs and drinking *really* is
av irishmoflow 9. november 2011
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