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Crazy guido on MTV's jersey shore. thinks hes the shit but really he's just another guido
Angela: Omg mike "the situation" is hot
Vinny bag o' donuts: Yea hes a guido just like me
Anthony: no he's really just a fag who's a disgrace to all Italians
av gingyman 13. desember 2009
When one sits on the john for some amount of time before realizing they cannot release their fecal matter. The cause is sometimes constipation. However this is not always the case; the cause may be unknown. It is not uncommon for one to release gas during this period of time. Time elapsed before the epiphany varies greatly, experts suggest times from 1 minute all the way to a rare case in Japan in which the subject took over 27 hours (exact time is unknown). The mean is 11 minutes. The standard deviation, or σ, is approximately 7 minutes. Time does vary between species and sex.
(Whilst watching a football game)
John: Brb, I gotta take a dump. *10 minutes later*
Henry: Dude wtf are you doing? You just missed Janet Jackson's boob!
John: Damn I can't shit!
Henry: Oh man, you must have a case of Faux Defecation
av gingyman 9. januar 2010
Also known as suggestion loop:
When one types in random letters, words and/or phrases into the Google search bar just to see what Google's suggestions are. Although it may provide many laughs its side effects are dangerous as this may lead to a lack of productivity and in some rare but serious cases a major loss of time.

Very similar to a youtube loop.
Ronnie: I went to search how to change a light bulb... six hours later I was looking at how to change a light ballast
Pauly: Wtf is a light ballast???
Ronnie: I dunno but I still don't know how to change the light bulb in my tanning bed
Mike: Oh no, we have a situation!
Snooki: Waaaaahhhh
Vinny: Looks like you were suggestion surfing......
av gingyman 1. november 2010
The only president to receive a degree (that was not honorary) from both Harvard and Yale. Gets criticized way too much. Not a good public speaker but a bright man nonetheless
Liberal: George W. Bush is stoopid
Intelligent Being: He has a degree from both Harvard College and Yale University
Liberal: No he doesn't
Intelligent Being: SMFH you're a derelict
av gingyman 17. oktober 2010
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