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Cool place, nice climate, very good food, gorgeous women, beautiful churches and cathedrals... the best wine in the universe!!
Lebanon is in the middle east bordering israel and syria, and hopefully soon it should become a european state.
av Anto 27. desember 2004
-shaven head, yet still smeared with excessive amounts of cheap hair gel which should be used to 'glue' each individual strand of the 'fringe' to the forehead. tips of hair should also be bleached.
-greasy, dirty skin, acne, wax ridden ears and unwiped nostrils. the spides standing (chance of pulling a millie) is increased if they posses a broken nose/ hideous scars.
-having as much facial hair as possible for a 13 year old, this is known as the 'bar code tash' (fluffy hair on upper lip).

-baseball cap worn at 45 degree angle
-white jumper with hood,
-either white/blue tracksuit bottoms or cheap jeans with bottoms turned up
-florescent trainers or 'cat boots'
-thickest, goldest and cheapest rings, ear rings and necklaces.


-Anything they can steal
-a vauxhall nova/corsa, 'souped up da fuck'

-paramilitary work
-'stroke' from the government
oh shite we're about to get the shit kicked out of us by those spides
av anto 16. januar 2004
A person or persons who mosh.
Mosh-Someone who loves the beat of the music so much they have to move to it, jumping swinging etc.
It does not have to be rock though, lots of people can mosh to Ska, Punk, Rap and Hip~hop etc.
Are secure enough in themselves to express themselves in any way they see fit, whether it be the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, or the people they interact with.
Dude I was moshin soooo hard when I went to see Rage against the machine, all those years back.
av Anto 3. april 2004
To suck someone's dick... usually a girl to a guy....
Dave: I had some great boss last night from the girl next door.
Bob: OH fo real..... let me holla at that girl.
av Anto 26. desember 2003
actually spelled ThirtyFiveThirD
something i made up, last 4 digits of my cell #...
ThirtyFiveThirD dirty ;)
av anto 2. april 2004
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