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8 definitions by almty1_917@yahoo.com

The greatest Fucking city in the world.
New York kicks ass!!!!
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 14. januar 2005
2111 1357
Funniest Movie Ever. Stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. It was also made in the year of my birth (1992), which is like....EXCELLENT!

Wayne (Mike Myers) & Garth (Dana Carvey) are two rock-and-roll-loving guys from Aurora, Illinois (Which is a subberb of Chicago, Excellent!) who host a late-night public access show from the basement of Wayne's parents' house. When TV exec Ben Kane (Rob Lowe) decides to PAY them to do their show on a regular network, they quicky agree. But, Wayne & Garth soon discover that it's not all they thought it would be.

Inculdes the famous "Bohemian Rapsody" scene.
Funniest Move EVER!
Trust me, see this movie. NOW!!!
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 5. januar 2005
229 43
President of the USA.
see: asshole or dickhead
Bush is a fuckin asshole. Why was he re-elected?
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 14. januar 2005
410 228
music best listened to when stoned

two good examplas are:
1. Pink Floyd
2. The Doors (from their last few years)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing record, but its even better when you're stoned.
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 30. april 2005
73 37
The next generation of video games is here. The X-Box 360 is Microsoft's newest contribution to the world of video games. This thing looks to be even a hell of a lot better than the already amazing X-Box. Set to release sometime in 2006.
Sometime in the near future:
Bill: Hey, wanna play my old X-Box?
Tom: Fuck no, lets go play my new X-Box 360. It kicks ass!
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 14. mai 2005
142 126
A racial slur towards an Irish-Italian person.
John is a McGuinea. He is Irish and Italian.
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 4. februar 2005
14 4
1) A four legged horse-like animal.
2) An ass.
3) Someone who is Irish.
Phil McGrady, the donkey, is riding a donkey.
av almty1_917@yahoo.com 25. januar 2005
12 18