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The action of swirling one's cape in dramatic fashion right before an announced exit, but doesn't necessarily require the actual presence of a cape to achieve the intended effect (see awkward arm swing but followed with an exit stage left and dramatic music). Usually preceded by a declaration of intent, ("Come dobby, we're leaving") and followed by an evil laugh.

Usually reserved for villains, but can also refer to would-be heroes who just want to look cool. The real utility of a cape, because let's face it, capes do nothing except make you look cool. Often results in the opposite effect.
Cartman from South Park: "Screw you guys, I'm going home..." (queue cape flourish)

"To the Bat Cave!"

"I am Count Dracula... *cape flourish* AH AH AH"
av Spatch Adams 1. mai 2009
An indentation in the chest. Combination of chest and divet. Contrary to popular belief, does not displace the heart or replace the sternum.
-Hey, why is that kid sweating from his upper stomach?
-Oh, he just has a chivet.

I had a weird dream the other day that someone was licking applesauce out of my chivet.
av Spatch Adams 1. mai 2009
Expletive made by an angry person that is followed inevitably by a cape flourish or a hissy fit, and usually never founded on anything concrete. Often occurs after said person realizes that he or she has been the target of a joke that everyone else in the room is in on.

Usually accompanied by a dramatic exit not without dark muttering and an inevitable door slam. Can sometimes result in that person not speaking to the addressed people for a few days, but inevitably this does not last long as the said person usually tries to make his way back into the party by downplaying the severity of the hissy fit.
-"Hey guys what are you doing?"
-"Your mom."
-"Fuck you all!"

*dramatic exit followed by door slam and crying*
av Spatch Adams 1. mai 2009
An unwanted substitute for big-boy curse words that has made its way into your vocabulary strictly because some kid who had his mouth washed out at an early age says it unceasingly. Often comes to replace, and completely eliminate the use of more powerful, and ultimately more satisfactory words. Can also result in making you sound like an elementary school kid trying to act tough.

Can also be used in tandem with "what the" to create "what the frick" which is a completely lame expletive for situations when you really have nothing better to say.
-"What the frick?"
- "Why don't you just man-up and say 'fuck?'"
-"I really don't know... frick."
av Spatch Adams 1. mai 2009
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