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4 definitions by Pigpen

Meniacal laughter of glee.
Bwahaha, I have devoured your loved ones
av Pigpen 15. februar 2004
275 63
A filthy individual. A cartoon character
Pigpen just picked his nose. It's like we're watching Charlie Brown.
av PigpeN 19. mars 2005
9 6
1.) you know, something true, like "true, it is".

2.) Specifying that something you have been talking about is, in fact, truthfull, or in agreement with something you have been talking about
"Stacy's mom has got it goin on"
"true that"
av Pigpen 16. februar 2004
4 1
Derived from the word lol, it means a highly contagious laughter. also see lollercaust
The Native Americans contracted lol-pox from some stipud American blankets...prolly made in Mexico.
av PiGPEN 28. juli 2004
4 9