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8 definitions by OJ

ya mum is the answer to every question
tom:your a dick
jim:so is ya mum
av oj 14. mars 2005
57 29
A black boy who lives in Ipswich. Named after a chinese town. Is fat, black, round and cuddly. Is single and looking.
Ollie: alrite dalian
Dalian: food
Ollie: wot
Dalian: FOOD *eats Ollie*
av OJ 26. januar 2005
30 20
To be the first person to die in a raid in World of Warcraft.
"Man, I didn't even make it passed the Core Hounds....I totally got Yamo'd."
av OJ 13. august 2006
3 1
The proccess of having your penis cranked as you drop first the left nut them the right one at a time inro the mouth of a female.
I gave Brain's mom a well bucket
av OJ 28. april 2003
0 0
Originally from WWII means that the radio battery was broken from Useless Battery, but US Bat can be used just to mean broken.
This trucks US Bat, Sir!
av OJ 7. november 2003
1 3
US Bat, alternativley one without money, you could be US Bat if you were broke.
I Broke my arm, man Im US Bat and I can't work... I'm Broke
av OJ 7. november 2003
0 4
Caucasian pimp
"Damn son, that cracka 780! Whoop!"
av OJ 11. februar 2003
5 10