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11 definitions by Joshy

1. The art of stimulating the meat pocket of a woman.
2. What you do when your girl says,"It's my turn."
3. Ask a question while performing this and get whatever the hell you want.
As I performed cunnilingus, I realized my girl hasn't shaved in quite some time.
av Joshy 5. juli 2004
251 184
really fun to get high off of
av JOSHY 6. mai 2003
58 39
To rephrase a saying in a more offensive manor.
1 (normal dialect): This steak is excellent

2. (Explatuated): This steak is the fucking shit, mother fucker!
av Joshy 28. mars 2003
10 0
The most beautiful girl i have ever seen! the best girlfriend any guy could hope for an awesome kisser n a great person inside o n sooooooooooooo sexy!
I love u stace ur an angel n i have never been as happy as when im with u lots a love jo-bo! xxx
av Joshy 3. juli 2004
10 16
a chickabum is a chickabum...duh.
The chickabum was a chickabum.
av JOSHY 19. mai 2003
5 13
The greatest band to ever exist.

See also: Slapglass, Downside, The Adam Hoffman Sound Machine
"Atmosfear creams my jeans"
av Joshy 28. mars 2003
4 17
tight...lyk cool
toit like a tiger...grrrr
av JOSHY 17. mai 2003
9 29