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11 definitions by Goldengamingod

His name is Robert Paulson. You say this when you should not speak of something. Fight Club reference. Do not speak of HNIRP. Its a secret.
Misty got on webcam tonight and she HNIRP.
av Goldengamingod 6. september 2009
73 40
An nice round & firm booty that jiggles.

Also a type of Pokemon.
Watch Misty's jigglypuff as she walks away.
av Goldengamingod 7. september 2009
40 22
Sex term for surprisingly cumming on the back of someone's head. Preferably while on a balcony or in a theatre.

See also The Abraham Lincoln.
While Misty Gates was sleeping face down, I gave her The John Wilks Booth.
av Goldengamingod 6. september 2009
23 7
Freaks with a foot fetish who represent the evil footside of Internet chat rooms.
The pedi knight Chris S. (NJ)™ was astonished by Misty Gates' feet.
av Goldengamingod 6. september 2009
22 6
The act of sucking on something like its a penis.
Misty Gates ate her banana blowjobishly.
av Goldengamingod 6. september 2009
23 8
Acronym for I Fucking Heart You or I Fucking <3 You.
IFHU Misty gates
av Goldengamingod 6. september 2009
24 14
Masturbating silently
She was silent but diddly in her room so her parents didn't catch her.
av Goldengamingod 13. mars 2010
13 4