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Daughter of the person you married and his pathetic, bitter ex-wife. Often takes after her mother: bitchy, spoiled and incredibly rude to you, her stepmother, no matter how kind, generous and cool you have been to her. Person who, even though she treats you like crap, you are helping to support with your hard-earned money. Person who you can't wait to see grow up and get the FUCK out of your house and take her shitty attitude with her.
My stepdaughter needs to stop being a spoiled little bitch and at the very least, start showing some respect toward her father, who gives her everything.
av FuckingYourEx 22. mai 2009
Woman who treated her husband like shit for years, then divorced him and took all his money. Got EVERYthing she wanted, but still is totally bitter. When her ex-husband marries a REAL woman (one who is good to him and actually LIKES sex), she gets really nasty, especially if the new wife is hot and not a big fat cow like the ex-wife is. Ex-husband and his new wife laugh about her often.
My ex-wife never even gave me pussy, much less head - which is why I now feel like I've died and gone to heaven, as my wife gives me lots of both.
av FuckingYourEx 22. mai 2009
The woman your father married after your evil, slutty mother threw him out because he refused to become a woman. The stepmother puts up with your spoiled ass and shitty treatment of both her and your father because she actually loves your father, which neither you or your fat, ugly, broke mother ever did. She's hot, educated, willing to work and actually enjoys sex - all things your mother isn't/won't/doesn't.
Being a stepmother sucks because no matter how much the kids' mother has emotionally abused them, they will always believe her when she tells them you are horrible, and so they treat you like shit, even though you support them financially and don't tell them what shitty little brats they are.
av FuckingYourEx 19. april 2011
Scary women who seem to want to be men. The military has LOTS of these, especially the Marine Corps. Does not have to be gay; in fact the most tragic are the straight ones. Sad, stupid females who don't get that being a woman is a great thing. Ironically, many of these are total man-haters when in truth, they actually hate themselves because Daddy wouldn't spoil them even more than he already has. Most are very unattractive - fat and ugly - but some could look decent if they made an effort. Many wear men's clothes and are, in fact, tranvestites. (Like my scary butch stepdaughter.)

Note to the moron above who dissed American women: plenty of us are real, feminine women. We just don't want anything to do with YOU, so you are bitter and put us down to make youself feel better. Pathetic.
My stepdaughter is one of those manly women types - she wears men's clothes, wrestled with boys, enlisted in the Marine Corps, has disgusting manners and is really very unattractive - so sad.
av FuckingYourEx 19. april 2011
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