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1. A type of cheese with magical properties off the scale of mankind, and unable to be comprehended by the meager percentage of our brain that we use. Often resembles Swiss, only in the color of cheddar.
2. The answer to all your lunch, dinner, and snack-time problems.
3. The subject of a question you use in order to answer another question.
1. "I survived a shotgun blast to the head. I think it was the doing of Magic Cheese."
2. "Time for a Magic Cheese sandwich."
3. "Let me answer that question with another question; do you believe in Magic Cheese?"
av Echelon and Zombie 6. mars 2005

1. This totally lame douche who was in a movie about kangaroos and yet somehow, SOMEHOW, gets to nail Rebecca Romijn.
1A. That guy on Sliders. Sliders, for God's sake!
2. Incompetent loser who has mastered the art of sucking to a degree beyond simple words, that would make a vile whore jealous.
3. Someone who has something they really don't deserve, because they suck, and the thing they have is great.
4. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers.
5. An itching and usually painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue.
1. "Fucking Jerry O'Connell!! I hate that guy!"
3. "That Jerry O'Connell's mommy and daddy just bought him a new car. They even gift-wrapped it with a gigantic bow."
4. "Haha, check this out, I'm going to run over this Jerry O'Connell guy with my 4x4 while he stands in the middle of the street. He can't guard against common dangers, after all."
5. See hemorrhoids.
???. "I want to kick you in the damn face."
av Echelon and Zombie 6. mars 2005

1. Erroneous spelling of hypnotist.
2. Very ambiguously gay and morbidly obese native of Antwerp, Ohio who enjoys poor spelling, the company of other ambiguous chums like himself, ellipses (...) and internal salvation.
3. Leader of the stable Threeway and/or Knights of the Righteous.
4. Huge blob heavily composed of lard, Subway restaurants, orphans, stray cats, small ponies and fabric softener. Can wat for hours.
5. So sad, queer and clueless it's funny.
1. The mans voice was scracthy...and horse..."This is a Hipnotist...a man that controlls your mind..."

2. (Hip grabs the Mic out of Zack’s hand…he is breathing heavy…)
Hip- I am the one who can grant you salvation…Internal Salvation!

4. The two then go about attempting to lift Hipnatist, but seem to come up with a better idea once they get him half-lifted. Not wanting to put in the effort to lift his humongous girth, Echelon points out to the audience.

Echelon: Go… get… the cotton candy guy…!
Zombie: Yeah… and fast… fucking fatass…

Totally motivated, perhaps even more so than he would be by the promise of Internal Salvation, Hipnatist rolls over the top rope and begins to blob his way over the barricade and into the audience, which incites much shrieking.

4A. The lights in the arena soudnly go out...the crowd waites in anticapation for they know somthing is bout to go down...Green strobes start to flash on the stage...Enemy by Sevendust blares across the PA...as a huge lighting bolt hits the stage...flames shoot up towards the heavens as Hipnatist walks through them onto the stage...He has a evil grin on his face...he stops on the stage for a moment before slowly walking down the ramp towards the ring...he grabs the top rope to pull himselve on to the ring apron...then throws his leg up over the top and steps into the ring...He then paces around...wating!

5. Hipnatist: Did sombody call a lumberjack
av Echelon and Zombie 6. mars 2005
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