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4 definitions by Dreamy

Another way of saying cool, wicked, etc. Has many derivities.
Oh that movie was so nang!
av Dreamy 29. mars 2005
157 80
noun - 1. A thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking

2. Can have numbers added on the end to mean different variations e.g. Jaff No.4 = A joint
"Wanna go for a jaff?"
av dreamy 14. februar 2012
15 2
A tart, or tartish person.
You have to be such an Aiessa, leave the milkman alone!
av Dreamy 29. mars 2005
2 7
When something is especially nang
Thats so nangified, I can't believe it!
av Dreamy 29. mars 2005
0 35