275 definitions by Ashley

a person who loves butt sex!
Your sucha butt slut.
av Ashley 5. mars 2005
who those annoying people who are both spastics and bastards.
av Ashley 12. november 2002
Nice big ass!
DAMN! she got a budunkadunk!
av ashley 27. mai 2004
One who strokes his weiner in the closet
"wheres zak?"
"i dont know... think hes coat hangin in the closet?"
av ashley 13. november 2004
body dreamy voice !
sexy sexy sexy and gorgeous
av ashley 13. februar 2005
Bodyboarders who can not get a female mate. They find their pleasure in spooning other male spongers. They also like to take pictures of themselves and say they just landed a trick, but saying the camera was too slow to get it, hence, the added word poon
Dustin and Brandon are sponging poons, after an exhausting day of kicking their fins and bitching about girls beating them, they go home to undress and spoon in the bed, often watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.
av Ashley 5. juni 2004
A fucking slut who is only out to get some
Ashley is a bitch skank hoe
av Ashley 15. februar 2003
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